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claire silver
emi kusano
for gucci


A walk through the creative, laborious, innovative, and deeply rewarding process of creating Shinjitai for Gucci.

Emi Kusano's thoughts on the piece

Concept Stage

The artists used text-to-image AI to combine their inspirations with the storied aesthetics of Gucci. These served as the framework for all further development of the piece.

Emi's inspirations:

Marie Antoinette

Mecha Anime

Harajuku Fashion

Bohemian Touches

Claire's inspirations:

Grace Kelly Florals

Transparent Materials

3D Paint

Futuristic Regality


A series of AI images comprised of advanced mathematical functions and the aesthetics of ancient paintings from China, Japan, and Eastern and Western Europe were created. These works were then digitally hand-collaged into an abstract pattern.

AI to collage process.

Final Collage.


The avatar and ensemble were sculpted digitally by hand, using AI art as sculpting tools/brushes or masks when needed.

Creating images with AI to be used as digital clay-sculpting brushes, testing the sculpts as appliques.

Digitally sculpting freehand details.

Using the above-referenced AI-Collage as a mask to cut into the clay, fashioning a corset. Testing lighting and palettes.

First draft sculpture.

Digital Textiles

Next, the abstract AI collage was applied to a 3D material, allowing it to act as a textile on the sculpted model above.

Collage applied to 3D material, then tested on digital dress pattern

Beginning of base painting


Experimentation with layering textiles continued until the artists were satisfied, lighting was added to the sculpture, and the final render was completed.

Final Render:


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