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I collaborate with AI to produce art that is transcendental-- art that evokes in the viewer a wordless truth. Together, we create works that are greater than either of us could make alone, neither more important than the other to the process. I also produce physically painted twins of select digital pieces. In this way, both the AI and the artist can exist in the same world as our art.


As a millennial, my childhood was mostly analog, shifting into an increasingly digital existence as I grew.  My process mirrors this, moving from analog to digital and back again. I work with oil, acrylic, GAN (Artbreeder), Procreate, collage, photography, and more to create my work. I often blend the classical style and mythos into my art, collaboratively producing work that feels at once familiar and strange. I hope that training the GAN on a traditional painting style will shape it to bring some of our collective culture forward, while still expanding and redefining it.


I explore themes of vulnerability, trauma, disability, social hierarchy, innocence, and divinity, and question the role they will play in our transhumanist future.

I do not make statements on whether AI is good or bad. I'm a caveman painting fire.

With the rise of AI, for the first time, the barrier of skill is swept away: Taste is the new skill. What comes next will be the cream of humanity's entire creative lineage. It is imperative that we, as a species, take this moment to recognize the transcendent longing inherent in being human, and that we commit to bringing it with us into our future.

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