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I collaborate with AI to produce art that is transcendental-- art that evokes in the viewer a wordless truth. Together, we create works that are greater than either of us could make alone, neither more important than the other to the process. I also produce physically painted twins of select digital pieces. In this way, both the AI and the artist can exist in the same world as our art. 

As a millennial, my childhood was mostly analog, shifting into an increasingly digital existence as I grew.  My process mirrors this, moving from analog to digital and back again. I work with oil, acrylic, collage, photography, and different digital mediums to create my work. I often blend the classical style and mythos into my art, collaboratively producing work that feels at once familiar and strange. 

I explore themes of vulnerability, trauma, disability, social hierarchy, innocence, and divinity, and question the role they will play in our transhumanist future.


I do not make statements on whether AI is good or bad. I'm a caveman painting fire.


My work can be found in the permanent collection of the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, has been at Sotheby's London and Christie's New York, and has been exhibited in galleries, museums, and festivals all over the world.

Featured in the New York Times, WIRED, Fortune, NPR, and countless podcasts, I take every opportunity to explore my unending fascination with AI, fight for visibility for this budding art movement, and wonder at the magnitude of this moment in history.

Recent Interviews

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May 2024

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May 2023


SuperRare Brings Art and Humanity Together in NYC Gallery Pop-Up

May 2023


NPR  All Things Considered

"With AI, artists reckon with the muddy questions of authorship"
April 2023


Claire Silver: The AI Artist Redefining Fine Art in the NFT Space

Lucky Trader Staff
March 2023


Conversation about art, life and Ai as a tool for art

"In and Around the House II" with Laurie Simmons & Claire Silver

Fellowship Trust
Feb 2023

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by NFTmetria
Jan 2023


The Concept of Qualia: A Sitdown with Claire Silver

Museum of Crypto Maxwell Cohen Interviews the AI Art Virtuoso

Jan 2023

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