Selected Worlds

An ever expanding collection of little worlds and their inhabitants


Secrets are Sweetest

What is the role of trauma in the human experience? Who are we without ever tasting it? What does uncertainty evoke in us? Should transhumanism seek to remove trauma and uncertainty?


The Royal Court of What Is Seen

On what basis will transhumans form social hierarchies?


The Royal Court of What Is Hidden



What is the role of the Hero's Journey in a Transhumanist, post-suffering society?


Angels and Innocents

Innocence is lack of knowledge, and AI will provide limitless knowledge. What will a transhuman child look like? What will innocence mean?


Memories of '99

What will memories feel like when augmented for perfect recall? Do fragmented memories any comparative value?


Maidens, Sirens, Widows, Queens


Without yet a world of their own